Gun Barrels


Now, the precision technology and stringent manufacturing processes of FN Manufacturing gun barrels are available to the marketplace. 


FN Manufacturing makes the finest gun barrels in the world.  Why?



FN Manufacturing has the benefit of more than 150 years experience in the design, manufacture, and production of firearms by sister company, FN Herstal, Liege Belgium.


Barrels -- in any caliber imaginable – are in use in FN guns built for the U.S. Military and in ninety countries around the world.


Between FN Manufacturing and FN Herstal, the firearms supplied to the military and law enforcement organizations around the world, include:

  •   M2HB QCB
  •   M3M
  •   LWRS (Light Remote Weapon Station)
  •   P 90
  •   F 2000
  •   FN Five-SeveN
  •   SLP Tactical
  •   FNAR Light & Heavy
  •   SCAR
    •   Mk 16 CQC
    •   Mk 17 Standard
    •   HAMR (IAR)
    •   SSR
    •   Mk 13 grenade launcher
    •   MK 13 mounted on Mk 17 CQC


FN Manufacturing builds:


  •   M249 family of light machine guns
  •   M16 family of rifles
  •   M240 family of medium machine guns
  •   Winchester Model 70 rifle
  •   FN SPR
  •   FN TSR
  •   FN 303 Less Lethal Launcher


FN Manufacturing also builds some of the finest handguns on the market, including:


  •   FNP 9
  •   FNP 40
  •   FNP 45
  •   FNP 45 Tactical
  •   FNP 45 Competition
  •   FNX 9
  •   FNX 40



The technological assets now available to the firearms industry through FN Manufacturing are, simply, unmatched.  Using the latest in high tech equipment, quality management processes, and cost efficiencies, it builds gun barrels that offer precision accuracy and long life. 


Its record speaks for itself: FN Manufacturing is the largest supplier of small arms to the U.S. Military, forces known to demand the best in quality and the latest in technology.


Quality Through Processes 

By using the most advanced automated manufacturing processes, the FN Manufacturing-built barrel is certain to be of the highest quality at the most efficient cost. 


The FN Manufacturing hammer forged, chrome plated barrel is legendary in the firearms industry for precise accuracy and long life.  Its button broached barrel is off such excellent quality, the barrels do not require a breaking in period and will shoot accurately right out of the box.


Quality Through Technology

The FN Manufacturing Barrel Shop houses more than $10 million in equipment. It offers the customer access to the best, most efficient, highest quality technology in the precision manufacturing industry.


FN Manufacturing’s drilling capacity includes 20 spindles with three CNC machines of four spindles each for deep hole drilling, reaming, honing, hammer forging and turning.



We can take an idea from design to distribution quickly, and most orders can be filled within 90 days.  Our average production is in excess of 21,500 barrels monthly.




We produce a complete range of pistol (including threaded barrels) and rifle barrels for commercial applications as well as rifled tubes for sniper weapons and machine gun barrels for military or law enforcement applications. 


We can meet virtually any caliber requirement and can produce lengths ranging from 4.0” to 28” in length in a wide variety of profiles from light to heavy, M4, M16, M240, etc.


Finishes include manganese phosphate, stainless steel, and hard and soft chrome.



We are proud of our highly trained, committed staff and the extent of our corporate knowledge and experience.  FN’s lengthy military legacy ensures a culture that recognizes the end user must have only the very best and most reliable firearm.


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